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Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni’s sister Ilham Goni reveals Jasmin Bhasin is the only one for her brother

Ilham Goni has revealed that their parents have no issues with him marrying Jasmin Bhasin. She also feels that there is no one better than Jasmin for Aly.

Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin‘s relationship is the most talked about topic inside and outside the house. Jasmin’s eviction from the house has been the most emotional exit. Her eviction left Aly, completely shattered. They have confessed their love for each other on the show and have been very vocal about it.

In an interview with ETimes, Aly Goni’s sister Ilham Goni reveals about her relationship with Jasmin. She said, “My connection with Jasmin is organic; Aly had no role to play in it. Jasmin is a humble, caring, responsible, and a mature woman. She has done a lot for me, especially when I was in Mumbai for almost eight months during my first delivery. Jasmin was there for me and even accompanied me to the hospital. We had a great time together. Back then, she was just Aly’s friend but still went out of her way to make my stay comfortable. While I have met most of Aly’s friends, I am particularly fond of her. In fact, Jasmin and I had a pact that even if she and Aly were no longer friends, it would have no consequences on my equatin with her. We are like sisters and will always be that.”

She also reveals that there is no one better than Jasmin for Aly. She said, “I was thrilled when I learnt that they had developed feelings for each other. I can’t think of any other girl who would be a better match for Aly than Jasmin. If it culminates into something more, I will be the happiest person. Both of them care for each other a lot and that’s a fundamental rule of a successful relationship. Obviously, it will be their decision and I will support it, as I have always liked Jasmin. I pray to God that everything works out in their favour. I am now waiting for Aly to come out of the house.”

She added that she will be happy if they decide to get married this year because she wants them to be together. Ilham reveals, “We were friends and continue to be that. We have forged a great bond over the years and share everything with each other. I won’t be biased to my brother even if they get married because I have a soft corner for Jasmin. In fact, Aly always tells me that I love Jasmin more than him (laughs!). While he is short-tempered, Jasmin is responsible and handles everything maturely. There is no change in my equation with Jasmin. In fact, it has only become better.”