Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni misses Jasmin Bhasin, promises to take better care of her

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni confesses that he misses Jasmin Bhasin a lot since her eviction and feels lonely.


We have seen Aly Goni breaking down after Jasmin Bhasin‘s eviction. He had an asthma attack following her elimination and was broke down following her departure. In the recent extra masala clip, he confesses that he misses her badly and feels lonely in her absence. “Mera ina khayal rakhti hain na. Agar aap koi bhi camera dekh lo, to mein aap se hi baat karta hu,” he adds.

He cannot stop reminiscing about Jasmin and says that nobody has taken care of him like her, after his mom and sister. He wants to take care of every aspect of her life, just like how she does for him. He admits that he will try as much as possible to take care of her. He adds that he will try and get her everything her heart desires so that she doesn’t feel deprived of anything.

Aly comments, “Pehla dost tha, ab feelings ki kuch aur hain.” He laughs and says that he now sounds like Rahul Vaidya when he talks to Disha Parmar, looking at the camera. “Maine kabhi nahi socha ki yeh din bhi aayega, ki mein tere liye yaha pe aisi bath karunga,” adds Aly.

He also says that he is happy and enjoys his time in the house to the maximum. But when he is alone with his thoughts, he misses her the most. “Pehle sirf family ko miss karta tha, ab mein tujhe bhi miss karta hu. Yaha par teri presence bohot miss karta hu,” he sadly says.

Further, he reveals that he thinks about her every day and what she would be doing. He adds that he knows she would be in good spirits and enjoying herself outside the house. But he misses her very much. He also promises to take care of her in the future. ” I promise, jis tarah tum mera khayal rakhti hu na, usse zyada khayal rakhunga tera.”

He will be content if she is taking good care of herself. “Teri khushi mere liye sabse important hain is duniya mein,” says Aly. He cannot imagine anything more important than her happiness. “Thank you Bigg Boss, thank you so much for making me realize ki main kisi ko itna miss bhi karunga life mein,” says Aly.

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