Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Sukla threatens Rahul Vaidya on National TV for insulting his wife Rubina Dilaik

In the latest episode, Abhinav threatens Rahul for disrespecting his wife Rubina. Housemates support the former.

Bigg Boss 14 is coming to an end soon. In the latest episode, we saw the contestant prove that they deserve to be in the finale. In the task, they were asked to name one contestant who didn’t deserve to be in the finale. Everyone apart from Eijaz Khan chose Rahul Vaidya.

During her turn, Rahul’s rival in the house Rubina vented out her anger saying, “You may be rich with your voice, but in all other aspects of your personality – behaviour and words are poor Mr. Rahul Krishna Vaidya. The respect you have earned through your profession, it doesn’t take a minute to ruin it.” Then the two talked about their attitudes when Rahul asked the actress if she had given her maximum attitude to host Salman Khan. Rubina replied saying “I respect Salman Sir. If you think that’s an attitude and Sir never felt like that, then that’s your misconception.”


When Rahul’s turn came up, everyone slammed him for being disrespectful towards women. In his defence, Rahul said that Rubina came on his aukaat. While Eijaz didn’t nominate him, he was the first one to charge against Rahul. He supported Rubina saying, “There’s a lot of difference. Tu gandi baat bolna shuru karta hai. Teri shaadi hogi kal and Abhinav has lot of patience that he is listening and tolerating you. You are speaking about his wife. Had I been in his place I wouldn’t have. It doesn’t sound right, brother.”

Abhinav also spoke up saying, “Rahul you should consider yourself lucky, that you have disrespected my wife in this show on national television. You have made cheap comments against her. Had you been outside and done all this, you very well know what would have happened to you.” Unfazed by their comments, Rahul tells Abhinav, “Oh bhaisaab ye baharwali baatein hum baahar kar lenge.