Aly Goni becomes aggresive for the captaincy task with Abhinav Shukla, shouts, ‘Todd Fodd Ke Rakh Dunga”

In the Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni shares with others his plans for the captaincy task.

In the Bigg Boss house, a captain plays a very important role. Every week the contestants are given an opportunity to win this honourable title. In the captaincy task, those who show their worth can win the all-important role. The latest Extra Masala clip shows Aly Goni talk about how winning a task isn’t the only important point. In the clip, Aly talks about his expectations from Rahul Mahajan if he becomes the captain. He thinks Rahul would get some relaxation on the BB Mall rules.

Rahul says that the order for the captain is already decided. Nikki Tamboli is first in line, next is Abhinav Shukla meanwhile, he stands third behind them. Aly says it wouldn’t work that way as the majority of the people will decide the captain. Rubina Dilaik joins in and says, “Power is in the hands of the janta.” Aly says he usually plans all of this and now everyone else is doing it. Kashmera Shah asks them, “Captaincy ke task hote hai na, ki aise hi bahumati mein?” They tell her that even if there is a task, it works on the will of the people.


Aly plans, “Agar koi banna chahta ho, jo nahi ban raha hai toh mein task radd kardunga.” He says that he will go violent if the person he favours doesn’t win. Rahul pleads him to not go violent. Rubina tells Aly not to disclose his strategy while Rahul says he already saw it on TV. Meanwhile, Kashmera also suggests going by the task but Aly disagrees. Further he adds, “Jab apna banda na bane toh task radd kardo.” Aly and Rubina start making slogans for Rahul’s captaincy campaign. “Humara captain kaise ho, Rahul bhaiya jaisa ho,” “Rahul bhaiya kadam bandho hum tumhare saath hai,” they suggest.

Rahul says that he doesn’t like taking so much responsibility. Aly suggests him to be the captain and let everyone do their own thing and not interfere.