Bigg Boss 16: Ekta Kapoor and Dibakar Banerjee to reveal “Love Sex aur Dhokha 2”?

Bigg Boss 16’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode is expected to include Ektaa Kapoor and filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee. However, rumours suggest that the two well-known actors may provide information about their upcoming film, Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2.

With “Love Sex aur Dhokha,” an experimental film about the effects of digital technology that touched with some riveting topics like MMS scandals, honour killings, and sting operations, Ektaa R. Kapoor and Dibakar Banerjee broke new ground in 2010. The most influential female producer in the business rose up and dared to be different at a time when the industry was content to produce generic movies.

While there have been many rumours floating around regarding the sequel to the successful movie. Ektaa R. Kapoor and Dibakar Banerjee are reportedly planning to join the Bigg Boss 16 house to reveal Balaji Telefilms’ upcoming film, “Love Sex aur Dhokha 2.”


It makes sense that the producer would see this chance as a wonderful marketing move given the voyeuristic character of the show that is currently the nation’s guilty obsession. Not a surprise given that Ektaa R. Kapoor is known for always having a finger on the pulse of the general public and has frequently demonstrated her keen intuition and financial savvy on her path to the top.

Considering how the producers claimed that it would capture the new wave of technology and its impact and venture into unknown depths, everyone is speculating on whether this instalment will be loosely based on the format of the show as a result of the decision to announce the LSD2 on the Bigg Boss stage. Furthermore, Ektaa R Kapoor is known for discovering and launching fresh talent, which makes us wonder if the movie would end up serving as a launching pad for a Bigg Boss contestant.

As National Award-winning director Dibakar Banerjee partners up with producer Ektaa R Kapoor once again in an effort to carry forward the heritage of groundbreaking cinema.