Bigg Boss 14: CarryMinati is at his Faridabad home, won’t be part of reality show! YouTuber Reacts

CarryMinati was reported to be a part of Bigg Boss Season 14, whereas @TheRealKhabri tweets that the news is false and merely a rumor.

CarryMinati, a 21-year old Indian YouTuber, was reported to step in BB season 14 along with other 3 Indian Youtubers as participants. He was said to be quarantined in a hotel at Mumbai with the other YouTubers as well as the other participants.

With the news about Carry being quarantined in Mumbai for the shoot, the young creator is abstaining from saying anything regarding this matter. In his latest livestream which took place at 10 PM on 15th of September, 2020, he didn’t respond to any of the chats sent by the subscribers which were regarding him being in BB house. While his fellow streamer, Gareeb, asked him over his live that is he going to Bigg Boss Season 14, he said, “I am using a green screen. I am not here, I am not at home.”


Contrary to what the word is spreading regarding Carry being in Bigg Boss’ house, @TheRealKhabri, took to his Twitter at 2:41AM, and confirmed that CarryMinati is at his home and he will not be going to Bigg Boss’ House.