Best TV shows and series of Benedict Cumberbatch

This is the list of the best TV shows and series of Benedict Cumberbatch that are loved by his fans and are highly praised by the audiences.

The actor that quotes “I have actual acting scars,” Benedict Cumberbatch indeed is one of the most incredible actors. He has done a lot and from a lot, we mean that he has performed in many films, television series, theatre productions, and recorded lines for various radio programs, narrations, and video games. He has left us spellbound with his incredible performances in a lot of movies and TV shows. Today, we will have a look at his best works in TV shows and series.

Here is the list of the best TV shows and series of Benedict Cumberbatch that are loved by his fans.



Undeniably, Sherlock is one of the best works of Benedict Cumberbatch. The show is 4-season long as of now and has 3 to 4 episodes in each season. Every episode reveals a new case, new mystery, and all of it is connected to a big mystery, Don’t worry, we won’t be spilling out spoilers as it will ruin the experience of watching this show. This show is available on Netflix. It will hook you and keep you on the edge till the end of it. Maybe, there will be a season 5 of this series.


This show is based on the great scientist Stephen Hawkings. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Stephen Hawking in this masterpiece. This series shows the exact struggle of his life, his early days into being a scientist, his struggle with motor neuron disease, and his entire life. Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job enacting Hawkings.

The Last Enemy

This is another TV series starring Benedict Cumberbatch alongside Robert Carlyle and Max Beesley. The story revolves around a secret medical experiment run amok with key members of the government trying desperately to hide all evidence of their experimental batch of vaccine that seems to be causing a deadly virus. It indeed is a unique and fascinating show to watch.

Parade’s End

This series was led by Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall as Christopher and Sylvia Tietjens, along with Adelaide Clemens, Rupert Everett, Miranda Richardson, Anne-Marie Duff, Roger Allam, Janet McTeer, Freddie Fox, Jack Huston, and Steven Robertson. It was an adaptation of a novel by Ford Madox Ford. It is based around the First World War and the lives of a few families that get drastically changed as the war takes place.

Patrick Melrose

Last but not least is Patrick Melrose in which Benedict plays the role of Patrick. The story of the show is from a semi-autobiographical book by Edward St Aubyn. It revolves around a wealthy man trying to overcome his addiction to drugs. This show gives you an insight in the life of a drug addict whose addiction has its roots in the past. It is a good show to watch and, of course, Benedict is always a delight.

These were some of the amazing TV shows and series of Benedict Cumberbatch.