Anupamaa: Yashdeep to accompany Anu? Help her run an old-age-house- Read details here 

Television’s popular show Anupamaa is going for yet another leap. Yes, you read it right. The show will be undergoing a long gap which will only result in more drama and chaos. In the last episode, we saw that Vanraj is keen on selling the Shah house and converting it into a hefty complex. He wants Anupamaa to sign the NOC so that the acquisition process can start soon. Meanwhile, Baa and Bapuji left the house and will be staying in an old age home.

In the upcoming episode, Anu opens an old age home and names it Asha. On the other hand, Anuj was completely broken and shattered as Anu refused to come back with him. His health has deteriorated and he is in a pathetic state.


Anupamaa is running the old age house but it seems like she is not alone in this noble cause. According to reports, Yashdeep is going to accompany Anu. When Anupamaa was in the US, Yashdeep was her boss and they both ran Spice and Chutney together.

Anu then became his partner in the restaurant. Yashdeep had feelings for Anu but she didn’t feel that way about him. Yashdeep and Anu are on cordial terms. If the reports are to be true then it will be revealed with time if Yashdeep will accompany Anu or not.

It will be interesting to witness how everything will unfold with the current situation in place. Will this be an end for Anu and Anuj’s love story? Will Anuj be able to recover from Anupamaa’s absence?

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