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Will ‘School Spirits’ return for Season 2 amidst challenges, unresolved mysteries, and character dynamics?Know here

“School Spirits” premiered its first season in 2023, captivating audiences with its supernatural teenage drama. The show, available on Paramount Plus, follows Maddie (Peyton List), a young girl who awakens in the afterlife and delves into her own disappearance, solving mysteries, and adapting to her new teenage existence. The blend of thrilling twists, drama, and humor kept viewers engaged, leaving them eager to know if a second season was in the cards.

Fans can rest assured that the show has been renewed for a second season. However, the production has hit a roadblock due to a writers’ strike, causing some delay. Despite the renewal occurring during the writers’ strike, plans were in motion. Production is set to commence in 2024, allowing time for negotiations between the workers and studios, considering factors like reasonable contracts, residuals, and the use of AI.


The timing of production’s delay, likely influenced by the writers’ strike, could also be attributed to an impending actors’ strike. Negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and studios were ongoing during the renewal, and an eventual strike was anticipated. To avoid postponements, the decision was made to postpone production until 2024.

In the upcoming Season 2, the central question revolves around whether Maddie can reclaim control of her body from Janet’s otherworldly possession. The conflict between the two entities across different planes of existence is expected to drive much of the plot. This shift is a departure from the low-stakes crime-fighting focus of Season 1, indicating an exciting new direction for the show.

Season 2 might delve into Janet’s backstory before she took over Maddie’s identity. This could provide insight into her transformation into a major antagonist. The inclusion of flashbacks or episodes set in the past could answer questions about the characters’ origins and development.

The impressive ensemble cast played a crucial role in bringing the murder suspects to life in Season 1. The majority of these actors are likely to return in Season 2. Notably, it was revealed that Maddie isn’t truly deceased but is possessed by Janet for a second chance at life. Both characters are expected to have significant roles in the upcoming season, with Peyton List reprising her role as Maddie.

While Janet wasn’t seen in Season 1, she is anticipated to take on a prominent role in Season 2. Returning characters like Wally (Milo Manheim), Xavier (Spencer MacPherson), Charley (Nick Pugliese), Rhonda (Sarah Yarkin), and Simon (Kristian Ventura) are likely due to their substantial screen time and importance to Maddie’s journey. The actors’ relative newness to the industry reduces the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Fans can currently stream Season 1 of “School Spirits” on Paramount+. The same platform will host Season 2 upon its release. As viewers anticipate the continuation of this intriguing tale, they can look forward to more supernatural drama, mysteries, and character development in the upcoming season.