Netflix’s ‘Delhi Crime’ actress Shefali Shah says, “I want to direct a full-length feature at some point”

Shefali Shah: I want to direct a full-length feature at some point.

Shefali Shah is prepared to repeat her cop character in Emmy-winner Delhi Crime’s 2nd season, she’s likewise playing very critical crucial in films like Doctor G, Jalsa, and Darlings. Amidst this, the actress made got time to direct a short film called Happy Birthday Mummyji, spinning around the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She directed it as well as acted in it. Also, what doesn’t surprise us is that she’s directing another short film and plans dive into a full-length feature, as well. Discussing it Shefali says, “It was very exciting. I work well under pressure. It was challenging also because I was making a short film. There are constraints of time and money and there was no way I was going to compromise on the creative vision of the film. Even in the smallest things, I don’t like compromising. It took more than a month of thorough planning and prep for a two-day shoot. In fact, we lost four hours on the first day of shooting to the rains. I didn’t know how I would complete it on time. It was all over the place. Making any film requires you to keep your creative vision in place but also have your eyes on the logistics. The thing is, all this is very exciting and addictive. If I could, I would have made another short film that I have the material for. I would need two days to shoot that. I also want to direct a full-length feature but I don’t know when I will be able to do it because when I go on the set, I want to be fully prepared. My husband Vipul (Amrutlal Shah) jokes that the way I work, if I jump into a feature now, I will vanish from the grid. I don’t want to do that right now because as an actress, I am doing the work I wanted to do. Having said that, I will direct the short film and the feature I have in mind.”