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Netflix unveils first look of ‘Family Switch’ set to premiere on November 30

Netflix has given viewers a sneak peek into the highly anticipated body-swap comedy, “Family Switch.” The film boasts an impressive cast, including Jennifer Garner, Emma Myers, Ed Helms, Brady Noon, and Rita Moreno, among others.

Directed by McG, “Family Switch” is set to premiere on November 30, promising laughter and entertainment for audiences of all ages. The first look images released by Netflix showcase the main cast, conveying a mix of excitement and terror, hinting at the humorous chaos that awaits viewers.


Of noteworthy interest is Jennifer Garner’s return to the body-swap genre, marking a delightful comeback after a 19-year hiatus since her iconic role in the 2004 film “13 Going on 30.” Garner, alongside Helms, portrays parents striving to maintain a strong connection with their growing children, CC (played by Myers) and Wyatt (brought to life by Brady Noon).

In “Family Switch,” a chance encounter with an astrologist, portrayed by the legendary Rita Moreno, changes the Walker family’s lives forever. Following this cosmic encounter, the Walkers awaken the next morning to find themselves inexplicably trapped in each other’s bodies. The hilarity ensues as even the youngest member of the family, baby brother Miles, and their beloved dog also experience the bewildering body swap.

Set against the backdrop of the Walkers’ journey to regain their own identities, “Family Switch” explores the timeless themes of love, understanding, and the true essence of family. The film promises to deliver a perfect blend of heartwarming moments and rib-tickling humor, making it a must-watch for comedy enthusiasts and fans of the body-swap genre.

As the premiere date draws near, audiences eagerly anticipate embarking on this uproarious adventure with the Walkers in “Family Switch.” Prepare for a rollicking and heartwarming tale as this charming family discovers the joy of finding themselves amidst the chaos of swapping bodies.