Lock Upp: Situation in the jail is all heated as Poonam Pandey and Anjali Arora get physical during the task

Contestant Poonam Pandey claims that Anjali Arora has pulled her leg during a task while helping Saisha Shinde.

India’s most controversial and binge watched show Lock Upp is going to enter it’s final week soon. The makers keep it crisp for the audience everyday, Lock Upp kaidis got to meet with their loved ones in the recent episodes of the show. Each one of the visitor had the chance to name a kaidi to lock-in for the chart sheet.
In the recent episode Poonam Pandey bashes Anjali Arora for getting physical with her during a task given to the kaidis, confronts Saisha Shinde and Anjali Arora.
Anjali Arora denies and says she was just holding her to prevent from winning the game and wanted Saisha Shinde to go before Poonam Pandey. Poonam Pandey bursts oit in anger and says she’ll say what she has felt says, “jo mereko feel hua ki mera pair kheecha hua hai”…..
Continues to say, “god forbid agar girr jati Anjali to tera sab kuch toot jata”…
Poonam Pandey later confronts Saisha Shinde and Munawar Faruqui about the same to which Saisha Shinde says Anjali was helping her and Poonam should clear everything with her.
Poonam Pandey explains the incident infront of the camera saying, “aap logo ne saaf saaf bola hai ki hinsa sakt manaa hai aur Aaj Anjali ne mera zor se pair kheecha hai aur mai girrti mujhe seediyo se bahot zor se lag sakti thi mai firse hospitalize hosakti thi”….
Poonam Pandey also requests jailor to take strict actions against Anjali Arora for her behaviour. Tells Munawar Faruqui that she could have pushed him but she didn’t.

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