Lock Upp: Shocking! Kangana Ranaut evicts Saisha Shinde; says, "Mujhe badtameezi bardasht nahi hai" | Business Upturn

Lock Upp: Shocking! Kangana Ranaut evicts Saisha Shinde; says, “Mujhe badtameezi bardasht nahi hai”

Lock Upp show’s host Kangana Ranaut evicts Saisha from the show over her misbehaviour.


Contestants and viewers of Lock Upp experienced one of the most unexpected evictions in the show’s history. Due to her misbehaviour with presenter Kangana Ranaut, Saisha Shinde was forced to leave the programme after Chetan Hansraj was evicted by jailor Karan Kundrra.

In the Lock Upp prison, Kangana Ranaut chastised the participants for their lack of decorum. She chastised them for abusing the producers and their general misbehaviour the night before. She questioned Saisha Shinde and Karanvir Bohra as they sat in their seats.

The presenter confronted Saisha in jail about her aggressive and disrespectful behaviour. Saisha defended her actions by demanding a response from the creators or a representative. She included the scarcity of rations to prove her point right. She went on to say that she was looking for answers to her worries and questions and that not getting them led to the wrongdoing.

Kangana and Saisha’s conversation took an ugly turn as they appeared to disagree with each other’s standpoint. Saisha further said that she is a “responsible and sensible person.”

To this, Kangana replied, “You are irresponsible. You are also stagnant in the game and your game is going nowhere. These tantrums you are trying to show, none of that would help you.”

Saisha, who had been responding to Kangana’s comments over and over, had lost her cool. She informed Kangana that there is a correct way to say things and hers isn’t because she couldn’t regulate her words and tone.

Saisha further added, “If you want me to apologise, I won’t do it. I do not think I did anything wrong.”

Angry Kangana claimed that she doesn’t need an apology and that there are 50 other people who want to be on the programme, adding that Saisha may leave if she wants. “You can bring them here then,” Saisha responded, turning to leave the yard area.

Later talking about Saisha, Kangana said, “Mujhe badtameezi bardasht nahi h. Nobody can tell me that there’s a way to put things across. Why should I say things the way she wants me to say.”

Munwar and the other contestants convinced Saisha after a while. Saisha was persuaded to do so and apologised to Kangana in front of the screen. Following her statement, Saisha begged for forgiveness and an opportunity. Kangana, on the other hand, informed her that she would not be given the opportunity to apologise for her disrespect toward her. Kangana scolded Saisha for unnecessarily hitting her. She went on to say, “Mere sath badtameezi kabhi mat karna, please leave.”

Before leaving the Lock Upp prison, Saisha, who was in tears, hugged everyone and said her goodbyes.