Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma reveals how he made Poonam Pandey to destroy her own make up

Contestant Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah were conversing in the common area where Shivam Sharma reveals his secret.

Fans have been seeing lot of chemistry between charming Shivam Sharma and notorious Azma Fallah in the past few episodes of the OTT Lock Upp. Azma’s mother and Shivam’s father were seen discussing about the chemistry between their children on the show and gave them a push.
In the earlier episodes Azma Fallah was seen destroying Anjali Arora’s make up, after which Poonam Pandey destroys her own make up.
In the recent episode Azma Fallah and Shivam Sharma were seen sitting in the common area conversing about the same event, where Shivam Sharma narrates the whole washroom event to Azma Fallah says, “Arey uss din kya hua Anjali bahot gusse me aayi thi, fir Poonam aur Munawar ne bola ki mat de footage ke liye kar rahi hai……”
Later on goes to reveals how he made Poonam Pandey to destroy her make up. Shivam Sharma reveals he wrote a note on tissue, which said “agla number tera” kept on her make up says that is why she destroyed her make up say, “agar mai wo nah likhta nah to Poonam apna make up todti…..”
Continues to say , “poonam ka make up tudwa diya wo bhi bina kuch kiye….”
Azma Fallah continues to say that Poonam Pandey still has make up left with her both plan to destroy her make up Shivam says, “karte hai thoda thoda roz….”