Lock Upp: Saisha Shinde beats Poonam Pandey in the ticket to finale race; Here’s what you need to know

Contestant Poonam Pandey and Saisha Shinde compete for the finale, Poonam Pandey gets locked out.


Our most favourite OTT show Lock Upp is in it’s finale week and Shivam Sharma is the first kaidi to enter 1st season’s finale, followed by Munawar Faruqui. Whereas few kaidis are still struggling to bang their place in the finale.
In the recent episode of atyachari jail, jailor Karan Kundra held atyachari khel for the kaidis. In the task given to the contestants, they had to beat their competitors with their own speed, Saisha Shinde and Poonam Pandey competed with each other for the safety, in which Saisha Shinde remarkable bangs her safe place locking Poonam Pandey out of the atyachari jail forever.
Jailor Karan Kundra bids farewell to the kaidi says, “Poonam aaj bahot achha khela aapne par aap issi waqt, respectfully Lock Upp se lock out hoti hai. I will be taking you with me”. Poonam Pandey received lot of appreciation for her performance in the task from the kaidis. Munawar Faruqui says, “you played like a lioness, koi aur hota to Saisha ke samne nahi tikkta”. Saisha Shinde says, “you played so well, you should so fu*king proud of yourself”. Anjali Arora asks her not to cry and should be proud of herself today.
All the other kaidis come to console Poonam Pandey and bid her farewell.