Lock Upp: Jailor Karan Kundrra gives a warm farewell to Poonam Pandey as she gets locked out

In the upcoming episode of lock upp, Poonam Pandey gets eliminated after the task. Jailor Karan Kundrra gives her a warm farewell.


In the most controversial show lock upp, fans will get to see an emotional farewell of Poonam Pandey after she gets eliminated from the show. Poonam Pandey and Saisha Shinde were given a task, where they were performing against each other. The task was about not allowing each other enter in the opposite zone. Saisha and Poonam followed the rules of the task and performed their way out.

After that Saisha wins the task and Poonam looses the task. With this Saisha saves herself from getting eliminated and grabs her position once again in the jail. Whereas on the other hand Poonam on loosing the task, gets eliminated from the show. It gets very emotional for her, as she looses the ticket to finale. Poonam’s eyes gets into tears, as she gets very emotional. Jailor Karan then gives her a warm farewell and by inspiring her. Karan says, “Poonam you are one of the strongest contestant, in the jail. You are the one who had fought for herself, and today also till the end you fought for youself.” “You were the most inspiring contestant of the show, and you are noting getting out of the show because of something, you are the one who has the capability, and is a strong contestant.”