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Lock Upp: Here’s why the new promo of the show, angered Munawar Faruqui’s fans

Munawar Faruqui’s fans voiced their displeasure over the newly released promo of the show which featured the speak peak of Munawar’s newly revealed secret.

The Lock Upp reality show, hosted by Kangana Ranaut, has always made headlines due to the concept of the show, in which, in order to save themselves, contestants have to reveal their secrets. So far, many secrets have been revealed on the show. And now the newly released promo indicates that some secrets are going to be released on the show. But it seems that a new promo that features another secret of Munawar Faruqui, the show’s most popular contestant, has stirred the controversy.

Let me tell you that the promo didn’t give us the whole story about Munawar’s secret but just a sneak peeks of his early life. It means that he is going to again reveal a secret that no one knows, just like he did earlier when he revealed his separation from his wife.

In the promo released by ALT Balaji, when Kangana asked Munawar to reveal his secret, Munawar revealed that he didn’t reveal this secret to anyone.

He added, “I was 6 years old. Aisa tha ki… Bahut close family hoti hai or kabhi kabhi… Mujhe us waqt nahi samjh aata tha. Or 4-5 saal tk to continuously chalta rha.” Soon after this, everyone got emotional, including Munawar. While the promo didn’t reveal the whole story, we cannot say anything about what he was trying to reveal, but his fans and other audiences have already started their own theories about what might have happened to him. One of the most widely circulated theories is that he experienced sexual assault by one of his close family members. As soon as this promo was released, not only his fans but all those who watched the show expressed their displeasure by labelling it “insensitive,” “disrespectful,” and “biased.” Have a look at some of the reactions:




If you want to know the full story, watch today’s episodes of ALT Balaji and MX Player.