Lock Upp: Here’s a good news! Munawar Faruqui becomes the second finalist of the show

After Shivam Sharma, Munawar Faruqui became the second finalist of the show.


The programme ‘Lock Upp,’ produced by ALTBalaji and MX Players, is nearing the end of its run. Because of the show’s popularity and intriguing content, everyone has been watching and anticipating who will win. As our contestants’ survival becomes more difficult, buddies become rivals in this “Atyachari Khel.”

Shivam Sharma won the first “Ticket to Finale” assignment and went on to become the show’s first finalist.

Family members came to meet the contestants in earlier shows and also recommended one person for the charge sheet. Anjali Arora and Azma Fallah were named as a contestant on the charge sheet at the end of the episode, and they won’t have another opportunity to save themselves.

Now, in the next episode, the producers will offer even another intriguing task, with the three task winners competing for the second finals ticket. Munawar Farooqui, Saisha Shinde, and Poonam Pandey were among those who were given the opportunity. Munawar imprisoned Poonam, forcing him to compete for the ticket with Saisha. Farooqui won the task and was the show’s second announced finalist.

Now both Shivam Sharma and Munawar Farooqui make their place in the finals. So, it will be interesting to see who will become the other 3 finalists of the show among Saisha Shinde, Poonam Pandey, Payal Rohatgi, Azma Fallah, Prince Narula, and Anjali Arora.

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