Lock Upp: Have a look at Shivam Sharma’s cool tactics to keep his fans entertained

In the Lock Upp leak Shivam Sharma is seen doing some pretty cool stuffs. He gets a container which has salt in it and after that jailer Karan Kundra made him do a headstand.

During the face-off time between jailer Karan Kundra and contestants, Shivam Sharma is seen doing some pretty cool stuffs. Shivam is told by Karan Kundra to bring the salt container. He goes inside the jail and from his belongings, he gets the container of salt. In between that Shivam is seen pouring some salt inside his clothes and his shirt’s pocket. He closes the salt container and brings it back to the table. On seeing this Karan Khundra tells “humara laaj le aya namak, chal rakh de table pe”.

After that jailer, Karan gives Shivam one more job, as he asks him to do a headstand. On hearing this Shivam tells that he can perform a headstand and gets ready immediately.  Shivam spreads a white shirt on the floor and does the headstand. He tries two three times to perform the headstand but fails, on seeing this rest of the contestants say “ho gaya bass”. At last, Shivam was successful in performing the headstand, and on seeing this everyone claps, and Karun Kundra comments “Nice”. Some of the salt which was there in his clothes falls off, and Nisha tells him to rinse his eyes as the salt might irritate his eyes. Chetan Hansraj gives a kiss on Shivam’s head.

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