Lock Upp: From Munawar Faruqui to Payal Rohatgi; Here's how the trends of fans affected the journey of these contestants | Business Upturn

Lock Upp: From Munawar Faruqui to Payal Rohatgi; Here’s how the trends of fans affected the journey of these contestants

Fans of the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ have made various successful trends to help support and promote their favorite contestants.

The reality show ‘Lock Upp’ is surely run by its daily increasing fanbase and how the viewers are supporting and making news trends daily to make them win the show in the future. Many of these trends worked for the betterment of the contestants and help gain them even more followers when they began their ‘Lock Upp’ journey. one of the contestants who shined in the Twitter trend is no doubt Munawar Faruqui, he has gained a tremendous amount of love from his fans who have made numerous trend for him to keep him trending on Twitter-

Payal Rohatgi too has a great number of fans supporting her and making her the top trending contestant in the Lock Upp, they have come up with various creative trends to help promote her as she is playing alone in the house and has no one to keep her back. but not all trends were positive as many f people feel that she should leave the show as she had time and time again made religious comments that are not very liked by the audience:


Sara Khan too was immensely popular among her fans though she was evicted from the show not so long ago and fans showed their love and support for her all over Twitter by asking the makers to bring her back into the show again:

Many fans tried to make trend for other inmates as well but not all succeeded as Karanvir Bohra was evicted from the show but he was so immensely love by the audience that he was called back into the show by the makers granting the audience their wish of seeing Karanvir back in the show. same goes for Shivam Sharma and Anjali Arora, the fans do try hard to make them come trending on twitter but the popularity of the other inmates shines brighter than if them.

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