Lock Upp: Azma Fallah is giving a makeover to Shivam Sharma; Can be seen waxing his legs

In the upcoming episode of lock upp Azma Fallah is seen doing waxing of Shivam Sharma, meanwhile Payal Rohatgi stands at the corner and enjoys the scenario.


In the most controversial show lock upp the bond in between Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah is no doubt the limelight of the show. Every now and then they both are seen doing something different or the other. At times they do pranks, they are also seen doing gossips and leg pulling of each other at times. Their bond always creates headlines in the jail. This time it is Azma Fallah is seen doing waxing of Shivam Sharma.

Azma is seen rubbing the wax strip at Shivam’s leg, and during that time Shivam shouts out and is seen getting scared. Azma is seen rubbing the wax strip perfectly at the portion of his leg. Meanwhile while rubbing the wax strip Azma and Payal start laughing, and says to Shivam, “kya bola tha tujne mujhe ki wildcard wale log deserve nahi karte hai aage jana.” Shivam on hearing this says, “Nahi! deserve karte hai karte hai.” Azma on the other hand is seen rubbing the wax strip, and Shivam says to her, “garam ho gaya hai garam ho gaya hai.” After then Azma pulls out the wax strip quickly and Shivam jumps off the bench and starts to jump. Azma once again says to Shivam, “what did you say? you said that wildcards don’t deserve to go further in the show.”