Lock Upp: As fans ship Munawar Faruqui and Anjali Arora as ‘Munjali’, Saisha Shinde says, “Yeh ‘Munjali’ ka main ‘Munaisha’ karke rahungi”

When Kangana Ranaut indirectly points out rumours of budding affection between Anjali and Munawar, Saisha jokingly said something unexpected.


Kangana Ranaut, the host of the current episode of Ekta Kapoor’s Lock Upp reality show, provides the inmates with an inside look at what the public is thinking outside. She tells them about the Lock Upp rumours that are circulating.

During this session, Kangana indirectly pointed out the rumours of budding affection between Anjali and Munawar. She said, “There’s a hot gossip going outside and a hashtag is trending. The hashtag is ‘Munjali’. Any guesses about the full form?”

Responding to which Saisha said, “Munawar and Anjali. I felt so. I knew and I would joke often. But they are good friends and nothing more than that. I seek inspiration from their friendship. They stand for each other.”

Kangana then asks Saisha, “You really think they are good friends?” to which Saisha answered, “I hope so.”

Kangana then asks Saisha for additional information about them, believing that as a third party, she will have a better knowledge of #Munjali. Saisha explains, “They are always with each other. Even when Munwar was not keeping well, I would fight with Anjali to give medicines.”

To which Kangana jokes, “Don’t overdose him.”

Saisha then said, “We label a girl and a boy as a girlfriend-boyfriend or bhai-behen. We should stop it. They are just good friends. I know it.”

Kangana on this jokingly said, “Apne toh bhai-behen bana diya. #Munjali you feel free. You can fall in love, get married, have your honeymoon. You can do anything in the show. Feel free. If there is authenticity to it, I am very excited.”

Saisha is then seen laughing with Munawar and Anjali and says, “You all wait and watch. Yeh #Munjali ka main #Munaisha karke rahungi. I tell everyone #Munjali is not cool, #Munaisha is the lit thing.”

After this, everyone starts teasing him.