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Horror movies to watch on Disney+Hotstar

If you are looking for thrilling entertainment that shocks you to your soul, we have got a list of amazing horrifying movies that will be exotic and at the same time get you hooked to your couches.

Let’s have a look at the best horror movies available on Disney+Hotstar.

1. The Empty Man (English)

The Empty Man is in 2020 supernatural horror film directed by David Prior. The movie revolves around a young girl Amanda who gets lost and her family gets a message written in blood saying, “The Empty man made me do it,” that’s when former detective James Lasombra comes into the picture and takes on the task to find the empty man, but as the movie will proceed he will come across strange occurrences that will shock him to his core. The film has a slow start in the beginning but eventually, the story gets extremely compelling.


2. The Night House (English)

Based on a psychological theme, this film is filled with thrill and horror. Rebecca Hall is left alone by her husband, who had committed suicide. She tries to get back to her life by distracting herself and that’s when she started seeing hallucinations and bizarre dreams, which specifically try to reach out to her. Rebecca finally decides to go through his husband’s belongings and finds something unnatural, that is when the story will take a horrifying turn.


3. The Exorcist (English)

One of the oldest movies which was later banned due to its high-profile horror scenes has made an entry in our list. Made in 1973, the film follows the story of Regan, who starts behaving abnormally, concerned by her strange attitude, her mother takes her to the Doctor. Unfortunately, there are no signs of betterment. Regan’s mother confronts the local priest and they perform an exorcism to save her from the demonic possession. The film is loosely based on true events.


4. Stree (Hindi)

This Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao starrer film won the hearts of many audiences with its terrific comedy and great horror. The film is based on the true tale of ‘Nale Ba’ that happened in Karnataka. The story is set in the ‘Chanderi’ village wherein, men get mysteriously abducted by the spirit of women and the fellow Vicky tries to unravel the mystery behind this disappearance.


5. The Sixth Sense (English)

Cole Sear is a young boy, who can see ghosts. He is not able to tell anyone about his dark secret, but finally, he confronts it in front of Dr Malcolm Crowe, and they both try to disclose the reason behind these supernatural activities. Later on, they came across a tragic series of events that will change their lives forever.