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Chellam sir from Family Man photobombs Sharad Kelkar-Priyamani’s photo

Actor Sharad Kelkar recently posted a funny picture with Priyamani, in which we could see Chellam sir from Family Man, photobombing the picture. Fans commented that Chellam will now inform Shrikant about it.

Sharad Kelkar, who played the role of Arvind, recently posted a picture with Priyamani, who played the role of Suchi in The Family Man series. Chellam sir (a famous character from the same series) was seen photobombing the couple’s picture. Fans went crazy about the post and commented, “Ab batayenge Srikant ko…” (Now he will inform Shrikant).

Sharad Kelkar captioned the post as “I hate photobombers but Chellam sir I love you 🤪❤️❤️😁” Priyamani commented laughing emojis on the post. Chellam sir was one of the most loved characters in the series and has a huge fanbase. He is the one who knows everyone and everything and helps Shrikant with his knowledge to complete the mission.


In the series, it was shown that there were differences between Shrikant and Suchi, who played husband and wife. Suchi and Arvind were attracted to each other in the first season and spent a mysterious night at Lonavla. Season two ended with a burning question of, ‘What happened in Lonavala?”, which then led to a series of memes on the relationship between the couple.

In an interview with Film Companion, the creators, Raj and DK were asked why did they kept this question at the end as an unresolved mystery. DK answered, “Part of us was also thinking that when Srikant knows, let the audience know. Not let the audience know what Srikant does not know. If Srikant suspects something, let the audience suspect that. If Srikant has his own ideas, assumptions, let the audience have it. It’s unfair for the audience to know and Srikant not to know.”

The second season of ‘The Family Man’ was released on Amazon Prime on June 4. The series was one of the most well-received and critically acclaimed Indian web series on the OTT. Fans are waiting for Season 3.