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All you need to know about Love Is Blind Season 4

Netflix will shortly release Love Is Blind season 4!
This spring, Love is Blind will return with brand-new episodes, and fans can’t wait to meet the entire cast and see how this season’s drama plays out. We provided all the information that fans required regarding the Love is Blind season 4 release date, cast, episode count, and other details.


Love Is Blind Season 4 – Release Date

The fourth season of Love is Blind will debut on Netflix on March 24, 2023, a Friday. This year, Valentine’s Day was the anticipated release date for the new season, but instead, Netflix released Perfect Match and Love is Blind: After the Altar season 3 at that time. The new season of Love is Blind should be released right away to continue the Netflix reality TV train that Perfect Match started.


Love Is Blind Season 4 – Cast


  • Amber – 34, Flight Attendant
  • April – 29, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
  • Ava – 32, Communications Specialist
  • Bill – 33, Real Estate Investor
  • Bliss – 33, Senior Program Manager
  • Brandie – 39, Real Estate Broker
  • Brett – 36, Design Director
  • Chelsea – 31, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist
  • Chris – 32, Technical Recruiter
  • Conner – 28, Operations Manager
  • Irina – 26, Business Owner
  • Jack – 30, Software Sales
  • Jackelina – 27, Certified Dental Assistant
  • Jimmy – 29, Technical Product Manager
  • Josh – 31, Project Engineer
  • Josh “JP” – 30, Plant Operations Director
  • Juan – 30, Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Kacia – 31, Family Support Specialist
  • Kendra – 33, Social Worker
  • Kwame – 33, Sales Development Manager
  • Marshall – 27, Marketing Manager
  • Micah – 27, Marketing Manager
  • Molly – 32, Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Monica – 31, Elementary School Teacher
  • Paul – 29, Environmental Scientist
  • Quincy – 36, Gym Owner & Fitness Coach
  • Ryland – 29, Commercial Insurance & Real Estate
  • Tiffany – 37, Client Lead Recruiter
  • Wendi – 28, Aerospace Engineer
  • Zack – 31, Criminal Defense Attorney

Undoubtedly, the Love is Blind season 4 cast will narrow to 10-12 of these people. Normally, five or six couples leave the pods and become the centre of the subsequent season.


Love Is Blind Season 4 – Schedule


Sadly, Netflix is not releasing all of the episodes at once. Instead, Love is Blind episodes are arriving in groups every week. In fact, such as this distribution strategy for Netflix reality shows better. Giving more

The following details the Love is Blind season 4 release schedule:

  • Episode 1-5: Friday, March 24
  • Episode 6-8: Friday, March 31
  • Episode 9-11: Friday, April 7
  • Episode 12: Friday, April 14

Although Netflix has not yet revealed the reunion date, we must assume a Love is Blind season 4 reunion will happen after the conclusion. It usually occurs a week or so after the finale.


Love Is Blind Season 4 – Where Is It Filmed?

Love is Blind’s first three seasons took place in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas, respectively. The Pacific Northwest will host the fourth season. The majority of Love is Blind season four was shot in and near Seattle.

The couples travel to a holiday spot for their honeymoon or to get to know one another, as they do every season. The first two seasons travelled to Mexico, while the season 3 journey was to California.


Love Is Blind Season 4 – Already In Works?

Love is Blind has apparently already begun production on its fifth season, which Netflix has officially renewed. According to Screen Rant, the season’s setting will be in one of four cities: Washington, D.C., Charlotte, Detroit, or Tampa.

Love Is Blind Season 4 – Trailer

The official Love is Blind season 4 trailer was released by Netflix! Ideally, there will be additional trailers each week and in-between batches of episodes.