Remembering the soulful voice of India, KK: Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about the legend

From Marrying His Childhood Crush To Leaving His Sales Job For Music, here’s a list of unknown facts about the singer KK.


KK’s soothing voice mesmerized millions of people, whether he was performing romantic tunes or energetic music. Despite the fact that the singer had always avoided the spotlight, his songs developed their own identity. The 53-year-old musician passed away on May 31, 2022, shocking his friends, family, and millions of admirers. KK faced his own set of challenges before breaking through in the profession. Let’s take a look at some of the singer’s lesser-known details, from his marriage to his first paycheck.

Humble Beginning of KK:

KK was raised in Delhi and attended Mount St. Mary’s School. He was born into a Malayali family to parents C.S. Menon and Kunnath Kanakavalli. KK, a graduate of Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College, began his musical career at a young age, listening to his mother perform Malayalam songs that his father had recorded on a little tape.
Though the vocalist had never gotten any professional training, he enjoyed singing and realized his affinity for music at a school performance. KK, a second-grader, had performed the song Jab Andhera Hota Hai from the film Raja Rani, and the audience had hailed the young prodigy, as he had found his calling.

Marrying his childhood sweetheart:

There are very few artists in the world of glamour who have never been linked to anyone, and KK was one of them. In his entire life, KK has only dated one girl: his wife, Jyothy Lakshmi Krishna. Jyothy and KK had met in class 6 and had been dating ever since. KK and Jyothy Kunnath married in 1991 and had two children: Nakul Krishna Kunnath, a son, and Tamara Kunnath, a girl.
KK performed the song Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai on a 2017 Aaj Tak episode, Sureeli Baat, and disclosed that it was the same song that he used to woo his wife, Jyothy. KK said, “Jab maine usko pataya tha to yahi gana gaya tha. I remember I used to sing this song at my colony’s annual function every year.”

He also mentioned that he couldn’t look her in the eyes directly when singing the song because their parents were present and only sneaking glances were possible. He had also revealed how he had expressed his feelings to her, saying, “She did know about my feelings then. We were very young, perhaps in sixth or seventh class. We were very young. When I understood my feelings, I confessed and told her ‘I need to have you as my partner in life’.”

KK confessed during an interview on The Kapil Sharma Show that he has never dated anyone other than his wife, Jyothy, and said, “I have dated only one girl in my life and that is my wife Jyothy. I was a shy guy and couldn’t even date her properly. Sometimes my kids tease me about this.”

Quitting his sales job to pursue music:

KK needed to find work before marrying his ladylove, Jyothy, and he chose to work as a salesman. But, soon after marrying Jyothy, KK became dissatisfied with his sales career and chose to leave. KK had tried his hand at music with the encouragement of his father and wife. He’d purchased a keyboard and began working with Shibani Kashyap and Saibal Basu on jingles. Despite the fact that they made money, KK remained dissatisfied. As a result, he had jetted off from the comforts of Delhi to Mumbai, the city of dreams.

First Paycheck:

KK had lent his voice to almost 3,500 jingles by the time his debut jingle with Loy Mendonsa aired in 1994, and people began to notice the voice behind it. When the music director, Ranjit Barot, approached KK about the costs for his first jingle, the singer was apprehensive because he was unfamiliar with the payment system in the industry, where he was completely new. Later, when Ranjit flashed his five fingers, KK expected he’d be paid Rs. 500, but his payment came in at Rs. 5000, much to his astonishment.

KK the Underdog:

Despite the fact that KK’s songs had a significant influence on audiences, he had only received one award in his nearly two-decade career for his song Khuda Jaane from the film Bachna Ae Haseeno. KK, on the other hand, had no concerns about it, as the artist had previously said that he had no ambition to win an award.

Even after such a tremendous career, KK maintained a low profile and was rarely seen outside of his gigs. On one of his shows, KK remarked that most of the time, the audience approaches him after the show to inquire whether he was the true voice behind the songs he had sung. KK had expressed his thoughts about the situation, saying that while he enjoyed being the underdog, he felt awful that people don’t care about the singers behind their favorite songs unless they appear in public.