‘Lilith’ by Halsey and BTS member Suga is out now

The long-awaited anthem Lilith by Halsey and BTS member Suga was released.

The long-awaited anthem Lilith by BTS’s Suga aka Min Toongi and Halsey for Diablo IV is finally available on YouTube. The song first debuted on Halsey’s album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” in 2021. Henry Hobson’s dark and menacing movie was taken inside the Chapelle des Jésuites (Jesuits’ Chapel) in Cambrai, France, and was released alongside Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo today, June , 5.

BTS Suga and Hasley have a large fan base followings on social media. Since they revealed their second collaboration for the game Diablo IV, fans have been unable to stop watching the musical magic unfold on the internet. And, after a lengthy wait, Suga and Halsey released their long-awaited anthem.Lilith can be found on YouTube. It is now going viral on the internet, as expected.

About the song, it has a low tune, and the background music is the track’s centrepiece. Let us tell you, Suga and Halsey’s voices are too sweet to ignore. Lilith is a dark and rather scary character. It will take viewers on an unexpected journey.