[Exclusive] Manmeet singh talks about recreation of 'Bedardi se pyaar ka sahara na mila' | Business Upturn

[Exclusive] Manmeet singh talks about recreation of ‘Bedardi se pyaar ka sahara na mila’


Manmeet Singh is the name of a Musical Duo Meet Bros, Meet Bros is a music director duo from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. The duo consists of brothers Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh. They were formerly known as Meet Bros Anjjan with longtime collaborator Anjjan Bhattacharya.

Meet Bros released a recreation of the song ‘Bedardi se Pyaar ka Sahara na mila’ which became an instant hit and currently has 45 million views on Youtube. Gurmeet Chaudhary, Sherine Singh, Kashish Vohra, and Altamash Faraz is been seen in the music video.

Manmeet Meet from Meet Bros sat for an interview with BussinessUpturn, DigiHunt, and opened up about apprehensions he faced while making an old song.


When asked about the apprehensions while remaking an old song he said ” You know after doing a fair amount of work in this industry and being part of many recreations and thankfully most of them were big hits, we are very sensitive towards recreating a song. We have tried recreating a song that never came out because we didn’t want them to come out because we realized that we’ve not done a good job, we could not crack it well. When you talk about a song that has been already released earlier it’s very sensitive because a lot of people have already loved the song and you know you cannot take the soul out of the song so that’s why when recreating a song you have to be very choosy and particular about what you’re doing”

He also talks about his friend Vishal Kumar and how thankful he is working with him, ” Thankfully we have somebody like Vishal Kumar who has perfect years from music and whenever he finally approves our song, he puts in the effort to put his inputs, mostly lyrically he says we can change certain lines and his thoughts and thought of words is phenomenal.

He also talks about the new and old parts in a recreation of a song ” we use only some old parts of the original song and add a lot of new parts to the song, we just take the soul of the song and rest is new”


Check the whole interview here.