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Vijay Deverakonda launches Satya Dev’s latest movie’s Teaser – Watch

The teaser of Satya Dev’s upcoming Telegu film ‘FULL BOTTLE’ is out now. Famous actor Vijay Deverakonda recently announced the release of the teaser for ‘FULL BOTTLE’ on his Twitter account. The tweet stated,’ Happy to launch this Crazy Teaser of #FullBottle 🤗

#MercurySoori looks Wild, Wacky-Knacky & Mass

Wishing you & the whole team All the best ❤️






Satya Dev, a young and talented actor, is preparing to amaze viewers with his new film, Full Bottle. The film, directed by Sharan Koppishetty and released last year, is making headlines again.

The makers turned to social media to announce that Vijay Deverakonda will release the teaser for Full Bottle at 5:30 PM.

SatyaDev will be seen in a wild, wacky, and massy avatar in Telugu film after garnering overwhelming appreciation for his portrayal in RamSetu.Satya Dev will play Mercury Soori in this film, with Brahmaji and Harsha Chemudu also playing important roles. SD Company and Sarvanth Ram Creations collaborated to produce Full Bottle. Sujatha Siddharth is the director of photography.