Underrated Bollywood movies that every cinephile should watch

Here are 5 underrated treasures of Bollywood which will forever end your complaint that Bollywood doesn’t produce good films.

In the world of Bollywood, many films are surpassed by the releases of big banner films or because of the clashing of the release dates with another flick. These movies are sometimes hidden gems and a pure cinematic treat to watch that come along once in a while.

Here’s a list of some underrated gems of Bollywood.


Meri Pyaari Bindu

It’s a different film from all the usual Bollywood romantic movies. It gives you all the feels you need. The songs, the dialogues, the feels, off! The vibe of the film is so good it makes you feel all the emotions the character feels. The story-line, direction, dialogue, acting, Ayushmann and Parineeti’s chemistry, how the director has used Kolkata as a piece of nostalgia makes this movie a gem.This movie is based on a real-life incident where a person dies due to medical negligence.

Ankur Arora Murder Case

This movie had a short theatrical run at the box office but after a few years, people have realised that this is an excellent movie and now on YouTube you will find an ocean of comments which say that this is an underrated movie.KK Menon plays a negative role and he had done a brilliant job.

Margarita, with a Straw

This film starring Kalki Koechlin is the story of a bi-sexual woman who has cerebral palsy. Laila, played by Kalki, discovers herself through the course of this film. This film is a must-watch for those who are looking for good cinema and coming of age stories.

The Lunchbox

The movie revolves around how a lunch box is being delivered to the wrong person whose wife is dead and he spent his life solaced. When Thomann who prepare lunch came to know this fact she begins to write letters to the person who is getting the lunch box and gradually they felt for each other. A well made incomplete love story that will grip you throughout the whole movie.


It’s like a treasure with gems like Nasir Sahab, Om Ji, Pankaj Ji, Piyush Ji, Tabbu, Irrfan all together ..thanks to Vishal Bhardwaj for this movie. Iran did him exceptionally well. The movie is based on the play of Shakespeare Macbeth. One of the best crime thrillers.