These are the CRINGIEST Bollywood movies ever

Save your time from watching these movies by any chance.

Bollywood is renowned for its fantasy and unreal approach to shaping the storylines, and we all love it. However, some movies make us feel that we have better things to do in life than watch this ‘piece of crap’. Here are some movies that any living being should avoid watching, at any chance.

God, Tussi Great Ho


The comedy in the film is not what makes Salman Khan’s portrayal of Jim Carrey funny; rather, it is what makes Amitabh Bachchan’s Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty funny.


 Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor are a couple that experiences romantic difficulties and takes different paths. They eventually get together and patch things up. They argue once more after a while, but they eventually make up. It sounds just as confusing as it is.


Do Knot Disturb

The movie itself wasn’t all that horrible, but Wake Up Sid’s “disturbing” of its premiere effectively put it to sleep. The plot wasn’t terrible, but a few pointless moments made the movie a box-office failure.


Jodi Breakers

The narrative centres on a couple that manages their divorce and breaks up with other people. However, they also coerce people into divorces in order to make money. In the same way that we have to view films that we really regret buying. You might want to put “expectations” on hold before viewing this one.



If you are retelling narrative from book, then at least make sure that all the significant details are there. In fact, lot of the movie left viewers who hadn’t read Chetan Bhagat’s book, One Night at Call Centre, in the dark.