Siddharth Sen reveals how ‘cancel culture’ scared him; says, “Since it was my first film I was nervous”

 filmmaker Siddharth Sen discussed his film Good Luck Jerry, working with Janhvi Kapoor, and Bollywood’s cancel culture.


Good Luck is director Siddharth Sen’s first official Bollywood film. Jerry has brought him all of his good fortunes. The dark criminal comedy, starring Janhvi Kapoor, is a remake of Nayanthara’s popular Tamil film Kolamaavu Kokila. During an interview delighted Sidharth remarked on the film’s favourable critical reception, saying, “Because it’s my first film, I was frightened and terrified.” Phew!.”

Siddharth began his film career as an assistant to Dibakar Banerjee on Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and made his directorial debut with The Great Escape. Naturally, Good Luck Jerry has reminded Siddharth’s pals of Dibakar’s manner. But did Dibakar see the movie? He chuckled and replied, “No! I don’t believe he has the time. I’ll check with him later.”

Good luck Jerry was launched in the midst of the blazing Bollywood vs. South dispute. “It has become a struggle to deliver a decent picture as the audience’s cognitive process has altered,” he said. The reaction of the media to our film after its debut was somewhat startling. If a film is not excellent, critics may give it left, right, and centre. But it was the exact reverse for us. It makes you even happier to watch the crowd discussing the film on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. People may now simply trash a film online.”

So, what is Siddharth’s next step? “Will start something sooner,” he stated. I’m trying to get over Good Luck, Jerry because it’s over. Someone dubbed me “Bollywood’s Hope,” but I believe that’s a bit much! Perhaps they are simply pleased to see a Bollywood film succeed. We have films like Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and now Darlings, both of which went quite well.”