Sandeep Singh acquires rights for biopic on Subrata Roy Sahara

Filmmaker, Sandeep Singh has acquired rights for the biopic on the business tycoon and Sahara India Pariwar Chairman, Subrata Roy Sahara. According to Sandeep, his life is full of surprises and largely untold.

The director of the movie, ‘PM Narendra Modi’, Sandeep Singh, has acquired the rights for the biopic on Subrata Roy Sahara, the Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar. The filmmaker has been critically acclaimed for various other biopics like ‘Aligarh’, ‘Sarbjit’, and the national award-winning ‘Mary Kom’.

Talking about the life of the business tycoon, Sandeep said, “His story is full of surprises, and as no one has dared explore it, it is largely untold.”
Revealing few details about the journey of Subrata Roy which will be showed in the film, he said, “The story of Saharasri, as he is fondly called, is the most fascinating real story available at present. Beginning from a small town in Uttar Pradesh to becoming a founder of an organisation of 14 lakh workers working under its aegis; the second-largest in India after Indian Railways, of being one of the most influential persons with stars from sports to Bollywood to politics oscillating around him; rich in controversies and audacity; a saga of emotions, rise and resilience, it has all this and more, to be a delight for filmmakers as well as the audience.”
Explaining the hardships he had to face while getting the rights, he said, “Mr Roy has been approached by many for a biopic, but he was extremely reluctant about it. I met him several times during the course of the last year and was able to assure him that the film will not be made for mere financial gains but will be dealt with in all honesty and will be factual. Finally, we were able to get the rights and we are upbeat about the project.”