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Must watch: Best 7 movies of Tolllywood star Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja is an Indian film actor known for his work in Telugu cinema. Ravi Teja alias Bhoopatiraju Ravishankar Raju was born in Jaggampeta, East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. He is the eldest of three sons to his father, Bhoopatiraju Rajgopal Raju, a pharmacist and mother Rajyalaxmi Bhoopatiraju, a home-maker. Ravi Teja initiated his career as a supporting actor in the movie Karthavyam and afterwards played small characters in the movies Chaitanya, Allari Priyudu, Aaj Ka Goonda Raj, Sindhooram and Ninne Pelladata. Teja has also starred as an assistant director for a number of Telugu movies.

Here is the list of best movies of Ravi Teja.


1. Vikramarkudu
Vikramarkudu was the first combo between Raviteja and SS Rajamouli. As with every Rajamouli movie, Vikramarkudu was a revenge tale that had Raviteja in arguably his career best performance as the ruthless cop in Vikram Rathod, the hero of Devgarh.

2. Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi
The story of a guy who falls in love with a Tamil girl and fights for her her love in a climactic boxing match. A nice feel good romantic drama, was a solid movie from Raviteja and Puri.

3. Mirapakay
Mirapakay tells the story of an undercover cop who’s sent to a college as a Hindi lecturer. Featuring Richa Gangopadhyay and Deeksha Seth as the heroines, Raviteja’s hilarious performance as a Hindi lecturer, Sunil’s classic Charukesa act and the amazing songs.

4. Kick
Featuring a sultry Illeana as the heroine and a laughing comedy track from Brahmanandam, Ali, and Jayaprakash Reddy throughout the movie, Kick’s unexpected reveal made the movie from comedy entertainer to a feel-good movie real fast.

5. Dubai Seenu
Another hysterical comedy track with Brahmandham as a travel guide who cheats them, Venu Madhav as a con artist, Sunil posing as a Hindi speaking guy, and the late MS Narayana’s iconic cameo as Fire Star Salmon Raju, Dubai Seenu is another classic comedy entertainer that as funny as it is action packed.

6. Neninthe
A movie that was as funny as it was honest, it was unfortunately a flop during it’s time. Which proves that if you speak your mind in Tollywood, they’ll try and take you down. Nonetheless the film has garnered a cult following over the years for its content and Venu Madhav’s accurate narration of every disaster movie in Telugu.

7. Venky
Raviteja’s constant scolding of himself, Brahmanandam’s hilarious punches at Raviteja, and the late great AVS’s comedy track made this entire sequence the flawless masterpiece that it is today. The icing on the cake was Venu Madhav playing a tabla and singing Ila Khada Malifiya. What that means I still have no idea. But honestly, I don’t care.