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Dona Ganguly: Sourav Ganguly’s biopic happening for sure

Biopic of the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly is under preparation, ETimes source added that the scriptwriting process has begun.


The biopic of BCCI President and former Team India’s Captain, Sourav Ganguly is under preparation. The family is currently busy discussing several ‘iconic moments’ that must be added to the film. While the name of the director is still under wraps, according to ETimes, it will be produced by a big banner and the budget is about 250 crore.

Sourav’s wife Dona Ganguly, told ETimes, “Several production houses in Mumbai and Kolkata have shown keen interest in the biopic and Sourav is considering every option. The biopic is still in its nascent stage, but it is happening for sure.”

Also, a source close to Sourav Ganguly revealed to ETimes, “The scriptwriting process is currently underway and Dada (Sourav Ganguly) is having a series of meetings with the film team to share his inputs on the biopic. Although he has not signed the film yet, work on the project has kicked off.”

Further, the source said that Sourav’s daughter, Sana Ganguly is very happy and excited about the film. “Sana has several suggestions that she keeps sharing with Sourav. The biopic has become a hot topic of discussion at all of their family gatherings where everyone joins in the excitement by sharing their suggestions on which iconic moments of Sourav’s life should be featured in the film,” added the source.

Mentioning the moments that will be included in the film, the source said, “Their (Dona and Sourav’s) affair used to be the talk of the town back then and the film will include that part of Dada’s early life, among many other phases. The milestone moments of his life – like the one where Dada went shirtless on the balcony of Lord’s Cricket Ground – will, of course, be featured.”