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Anniyan completes 16 years: Know some interesting facts about the movie

S Shankar’s Anniyan celebrates its 16th anniversary on Thursday. On the occasion of the film’s anniversary, we present some previously undisclosed facts about it.

Anniyan, starring Chiyaan Vikram, celebrated its 16th anniversary on Thursday. Anniyan, directed by S Shankar, focuses on punishing villains as stated in the Garuda Puranam.

Sadha, Prakash Raj, and Vivek also had key roles in the 2005 film. It tells the storey of Ramanujam, a young guy who suffers from multiple personality disorder. By night, he is a violent vigilante, and by day, he is a polite lawyer.

Interestingly, the 2005 film is making headlines again, with producer S Shankar announcing a Bollywood remake featuring Ranveer Singh in the lead role. Fans are excited to watch Ranveer Singh portray the famous role.

Here are some fascinating facts about the psychological thriller to mark the occasion:

Dubbed in French

Anniyan became the first Indian film to be dubbed into French.

Vikram can be seen in 18 distinct attire

Vikram wore 18 different outfits throughout the film, including those he wore in the song sequences.

The movie was shot in eight distinct locations

The film was shot in Amsterdam, Malaysia, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Tenkasi, Thanjavur, Villupuram, and Chennai, among other places.

The novel by Sidney Sheldon served as inspiration for the film

The film was inspired mostly by Sidney Sheldon’s classic novel Tell Me Your Dreams.

A total of 120 cameras were used to film the film

In the film, an action sequence was shot using 120 cameras to produce a ‘bullet-time effect.’ A dozen stunt performer.

Many Prestigious prizes were Awarded to the film

The film made over 60 crore in its lifespan by the end of its theatrical run. Many honours and notable prizes were also awarded to the film, including eight Filmfare Awards, a National Award, an Asianet Award, and a Tamil Nadu State Award.

Shankar was personally congratulated by the CBFC

It is unusual for the censor board to make personal judgments on films. Anniyan, on the other hand, was praised by authorities from the Central Board of Film Certification (Censor Board) for creating a daring film that spoke to society.