Alaya F’s performance became talk of the town: U-Turn movie review

The seventh remake of 2016’s Kannada film by the same name featuring Alaya F in lead role has hit the screen. The plot of U-Turn revolves around Radhika Bakshi (Alaya F, the protagonist) who is working as an intern in a media house. As a part of her job she is assigned to develop a story on the newly constructed NTPC flyover in Chandigarh where motorists remove the divider blocks to take a U-Turn and don’t put the blocks back which leads to fatal accidents.


Delving into the depth of the story makes us aware about the fact that Radhika interviewed some of the drivers who took u-turn and one day when one among those drivers found dead in his own house Radhika became the prime suspect in cops perspective. When police officer Arjun Sinha (Priyanshu Painyuli) started the investigation found that all the motorists that took u-tuirn on that flyover in past one year and some of them were interviewed by Radhika were no more. Radhika tries to prove herself innocent and in the meantime some supernatural activities are being encountered.

Alaya F’s performance should be appreciated. Her acting to some extent over shadowed the weak script and unorganized plot. Director Arif has done a good job altogether. Some scenes were thrilling enough to give goosebumps. But altogether some parts were not connected to the plot.In short we can sum up the movie as not so good, not so bad. Some segments needed perfection.