Ahmed Khan might take the place of Saroj Khan for ChaalBaaz in London

ChaalBaaz in London will see Shraddha Kapoor perform a double role for the first time ever.


Producer Ahmed Khan might have found the perfect way to pay tribute to his mentor Saroj Khan. A source close to the unit of the film ChaalBaaz in London has said that he might become a part of it and take place of late Saroj Khan. He might direct and choreograph a few songs in the movie.

The original movie starring Sridevi had most of the songs choreographed by Saroj Khan. Her demise has left a huge void in the Bollywood film industry. The new movie might also have a lot of the songs that were there in the original one.

When Saroj Khan passed away, Ahmed Khan said that she had led him to the industry, holding his finger.

“She was impressed with my dancing skills as a child actor in Mr India. I was just 11 years old then. When I turned 16, I told my mother that I wanted to try my hand at movies and she introduced me to her good friend Saroj Ji. I worked with her as an assistant and later after 4 years I got Rangeela,” he said.

The movie ChaalBaaz in London could be the perfect way for Ahmed Khan to pay his respect to his mentor and one of Bollywood’s most loved choreographers.