Adipurush trailer is trending No.1 on YouTube in less than 24 hours – WATCH

Since the release of the Adipurush trailer yesterday, it has been trending number 1 on YouTube.

As we all know, the majority of people disliked the Adipurush trailer for a variety of reasons. However, Om Raut and crew have made up for it with a new trailer. The powerful Lord Ram is played by Prabhas, and Janaki’s is portrayed by Kriti Sanon. Saif Ali Khan hasn’t been publicly identified as Ravaan, whereas Sunny Singh portrays Lord Hanuman. Once Saif Ali Khan is revealed to be Ravaan, fans believe the craziness will reach a new level.


Adipurush’s Hindi trailer easily defeated RRR’s Hindi trailer. Adipurush’s Hindi trailer has currently  trending number 1 and has received 50 million views and 1 million likes in less than  24 hours. Fans have praised the background music, Sharad Kelkar’s voice, Prabhas’ commanding performance as Lord Ram, and Saif Ali Khan’s song and voice towards the end of the trailer.

Actor Prabhas showed his gratitude and shared a heartfelt post on Twitter. He captioned the post as, “Milestones alert”.

The producers have received appreciation from netizens for persevering in the face of harsh criticism and producing a very outstanding trailer. Prabhas and Kriti Sanon have expressed how grateful they are to have been involved in this project. As per the reports, the trailer for Adipurush, includes Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada Languages and has crossed 57.2 million views in total.

Here is the link of the trailer, incase you missed: