Adipurush movie screening: Theatres to dedicate one empty seat to Lord Hanuman

Devdatta Nage, a well-known Marathi actor, plays Lord Hanuman in Adipurush.

The widely anticipated release of the impending magnum epic Adipurush has fans buzzing with excitement. On June 16, 2023, the movie will be released in theatres. The release date was originally set for January 12, but it was postponed because the film’s creators needed more time to change how some iconic characters were portrayed.

According to a statement from the Adipurush crew, there will be one unsold seat in each venue where the movie will be released. Lord Hanuman will be honoured at this vacated position.


Devdatta Nage, a well-known Marathi actor, plays Lord Hanuman in the movie while Prabhas plays Lord Rama.

The statement read, “Lord Hanuman appears wherever the Ramayana is recited. It is our belief. Respecting this belief, every theatre screening Prabhas’ Rama-starrer Adipurush will reserve one seat for Lord Hanuman without selling it. Hear the history of paying respects to the greatest devotee of Rama. We started this great work in an unknown way. We all must see the Adipurush built with great grandeur and grandeur in the presence of Lord Hanuman.”

The film, which is directed by Om Raut, being shot in both Hindi and Telugu as it prepares for a pan-Indian distribution. With a large budget of Rs 500 crores, the movie is promised to be nothing short of a visual extravaganza.

Based on the epic Ramayana, it is a mythical drama. Additionally, Kriti Sanon plays Sita in the movie, Sunny Singh plays Lakshman, and Saif Ali Khan plays Ravana.