5 must watch movies of Benedict Cumberbatch loved by viewers

Have a look at the list of top 5 amazing movies of Benedict Cumberbatch that should be in your must-watch list.

Many fans claim that Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the greatest and the finest actors of this generation. He plays the most crucial and tough roles with such ease that you will not only fall in love with Benedict but also with the character he plays. To support this claim. let’s have a look for some of the best movies of Benedict Cumberbatch that should totally be in your must-watch list.

Have a look at the top movies of Benedict Cumberbatch that will make you fall in love with him.


The Imitation Game

So, no movie can beat his performance in The Imitation Game. This movie was released in 2014 and he was seen in the movie as Alan Turing. He brings in the raw emotions of arrogance and nervousness in his performance and that is what makes it the most enchanting role of Benedict. Throughout the movie, you will see the efforts of Alan in protecting his country, and then towards the end, he comes out as homosexual. Undoubtedly, this is one of the hardest characters to play and Benedict proved his mettle as an actor.

Doctor Strange

Who can deny that he was one of the strangest and the most fascinating superhero of Marvel? Traveling through time, playing with the timelines, dimensions, and saving the world, isn’t the character super cool? In this movie, Benedict starts with a rude and complement behavior and ends up being a responsible superhero, who gets the power of time stone. This was the first time when Marvel introduced Doctor Strange to the world, but he gave an impeccable performance and showed the world that Doctor Strange is here to stay.

Avengers- Infinity War

As we all saw him owning the time stone, which was one of the infinity stones, which was fetched by Thanos to end half of the world. After Doctor Stranges, we can say that Doctor Strange and Cumberbatch are intertwined with each other that you can not imagine any other actor playing the same role. He shows his potential in this movie as well and he surely stands out in the ensemble of superheroes.


This movie received an Academy Award-nomination for being an incredible film. Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of Paul Marshall. Paul is a member of upper society, who is menacing and disgusting. Watching this movie you will realize that only Cumberbatch could pull off such a role amazingly. You will absolutely hate the character as it is so well-acted by Benedict and that’s the notion behind this character.

Black Mass

Benedict Cumberbatch is not the only actor in this movie, however, he is all over in the movie. In this movie, he tried to balance his brother’s criminal history and role as an FBI informant with that of his as the Massachusetts Senate President. Juggling between the two different aspects of one character, he gave his audiences a delightful movie to watch.

These were some of the must-watch movies of Benedict Cumberbatch. We totally recommend these ones, and we are sure that they are incredible powere-pact movies to watch and admire Benedict’s superb acting skills.