5 Best movies on LGBTQ-related issues in India that you should watch

Here is a list of 5 movies that had been made and released during a time when homosexuality was a taboo even in the eyes of law.

Even after the decriminalization of intercourse between two same-sex individuals,  it is sad that it still exists on paper and is considered as a taboo. The laws have been changed but the mind-set of society remains the same. Here are 5 best Indian LGBT movies that were made when homosexuality was a taboo even in the eyes of laws.


1. Bomgay (1996)


Starring Kushal Punjabi and Rahul Bose, it is technically India’s first homosexual film but was soon banned for its bold gay scenes. Directed by Riyad Vinci Wadia and Jangu Sethnat, it is an anthology of short films, which talks about homosexual identity and its misinterpretation in India.

best indian lgbtq movies

2. Fire (1996)

This film also became controversial sit explicitly explored the sexuality of women and lesbian theme. It was heavily criticized by the conservative politicians who protested against it and wanted it to be banned.

best indian lgbtq movies

3. Mango Soufflé (2002)

It is based on a play, “On a Muggy Night in Mumbai” written by the same director, Mahesh Dattani in English. This film primarily represents homosexuality in the upper section of the society.

best indian lgbtq movies

4. The Pink mirror (2003)

Released in India as Gulabi Aaina, it is claimed to be the first Indian film to explicitly portray the taboos attached with trans people in India. The Censor Board banned this film for being “vulgar and offensive”. However, it is still screened at festivals and appreciated by critics.


best indian lgbtq movies

5. My brother… Nikhil (2005)

This film is inspired by Dominic D’Souza’s life, starring Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Suri, Victor Banerjee, Lilette Dubey, and Purab Kohli. Apart from having a homosexual theme, this film also manages shed light on the taboos associated with AIDS when there was a lack of awareness about this disease.

best indian lgbtq movies