Suga aka Agust D of BTS drops debut solo album ‘D - DAY’- Check out | Business Upturn

Suga aka Agust D of BTS drops debut solo album ‘D – DAY’- Check out

Suga of BTS, also known as Agust D is finally here with his Debut solo album called “D-Day”, in which he has collaborated with many artists such as IU, Ryuichi Sakamoto and his fellow band member J-Hope.

Suga of BTS, who is also known as Agust D, has finally dropped his most anticipated first-ever Debut album “D- DAY” on April 21, 2023.

The Album is composed of 10 tracks in total, including the title track ‘Haegeum’, the lead single ‘People Pt.2’ featuring IU, ‘HUH’ featuring and co-written by J-hope of BTS, ‘Snooze’ featuring the late Academy Award Winner composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kim Woosung of The Rose, ‘Amygdala’, ‘Life Goes on’ and many more.

Talking about the lead single ‘People Pt.2’ featuring IU, the Rapper and Producer of BTS, told Billboard during an Interview he was “actually a little bit worried” to make his comeback as a soloist as the Group is on Hiatus for a while.

Suga commented, “People Pt.2 was made thinking about how people will receive Agust D’s music, which is why we also featured IU. It’s kind of a trial to release this music under the name Agust D”.

The 30-year-old Rapper of BTS, Introduced Agust D in 2016 with a mix tape with the same name. Suga has Shared in the past that the Agust D series was created to be a place where he could make the type of music he was most passionate about without any constraints.

Apart from his Debut album, the newly appointed NBA Ambassador, Suga will be releasing “ROAD TO D- DAY”, a documentary which will feature the Idol through his journey to creating music.