Queen Of Tears: Newly released still shows Hyun Woo and Hae In in awkwardly romantic position

The upcoming episode of Queen of Tears will surely give you butterflies!

The series, which is penned by writer Park Ji Eun, who is known for My Love From The Star, Crash Landing On You, and Producer, is a new drama about the thrilling, miraculous, and humorous love story of a married couple, who manage against all odds to stay together.


Note: Proceed with caution if you have not watched all episodes 

During the previous episode of ‘Queen of Tears’, Hong Hae In, played by Kim Ji Won, went all the way to Baek Hyun Woo’s, played by Kim Soo Hyun, hometown of Yongduri to support her father-in-law’s bid for re-election.

In the newly released still from the upcoming episode, the atmosphere between Hyun Woo and Hae In has changed completely as they have been sleeping in separate bedrooms at home, and now they have been feeling awkward onto sharing one small room in hometown.

But in contrast to the awkward tension from Hae In’s family’s hunting trip, Hyun Woo now seems almost loving as he affectionately takes care of his wife.