Jihyo teases compelling sneak peek of 'Killin' Me Good' music video prior to its launch - Take a look | Business Upturn

Jihyo teases compelling sneak peek of ‘Killin’ Me Good’ music video prior to its launch – Take a look

TWICE’s Jihyo has ignited excitement among fans with the release of the music video teaser for her upcoming track, “Killin’ Me Good.” The teaser offers a tantalizing glimpse into what promises to be a captivating visual and auditory experience.

With the highly anticipated album release set for this Friday, August 18th, fans are eagerly counting down the days to immerse themselves in Jihyo’s musical world. The teaser has already showcased Jihyo’s dynamic dance moves, emotive expressions, and her exceptional singing prowess, leaving fans eagerly speculating about the full music video and the track’s sound.


The teaser video encapsulated a romantic movie-like ambiance. Jihyo skillfully portrayed a woman deeply in love, with even a text message evoking bright laughter. The teaser showcased a charming fireworks-lit beach date shared with her lover, evoking a sense of cinematic romance.

The teaser cleverly integrated segments of the upcoming song’s performance. Towards the conclusion of the video, she captivated viewers with a dynamic dance sequence harmonizing with the chorus of “Killin’ Me Good.” Her energetic moves conveyed a powerful impact akin to firing a gun, leaving viewers eager for the complete version.

Jihyo’s album titled ‘ZONE’ holds a special significance as it marks her first solo venture in her illustrious 8-year career since debut. The album boasts a collection of 7 tracks, including “Killin’ Me Good,” “Talking About It,” “Closer,” “Wishing On You,” “Don’t Wanna Go Back,” and “Room.”

Esteemed songwriters have lent their expertise to this album. The title track, “Killin’ Me Good,” was penned by Park Jin Young, CEO of JYP Entertainment. The collaborative effort of individuals such as Melani Fontana, Lindgren, and Marcus Lomax further enriched the track’s composition.

Jihyo’s active involvement in the creation process demonstrated her artistic strength. She is credited in the entirety of the tracklist, not just for the title track. Her influence is prominently felt throughout the album, infusing it with her distinctive artistic essence.

As anticipation builds, Jihyo’s solo endeavor is anticipated to be a significant moment for both TWICE fans and music enthusiasts. The release of “Killin’ Me Good” is poised to further solidify Jihyo’s artistry, showcasing her individuality and creative prowess. This Friday holds the promise of a musical treat, as Jihyo takes her solo journey to new heights with the much-awaited album release.