From “FACE” to “I’m in Trouble” , here’s a list of top 7 songs of NU’EST that broke the internet!

NU’EST is a dynamic K-pop group that has continually left an everlasting mark on the hearts of fans all around the world. NU’EST has not only captivated the attention of fans, but has also broken the internet with its chart-topping tunes, thanks to their catchy beats, soul-stirring melodies, and requiring performances.

Let’s have a look at the top 7 songs that not only dominated the charts but also lit up the internet!



1) “FACE” (2012)

NU'EST: Face (Video 2012) - IMDb
NU’EST made their K-pop debut with “FACE,” an emotional hymn about the difficulties and obstacles that today’s youth endure. The song’s powerful message, combined with the group’s obvious charisma, drove it to the top of the charts, sparking a viral sensation that marked the start of NU’EST’s amazing journey.

2) “HELLO” (2013)

Hello? Hello? Nu'est, Are You There? – Seoulbeats
After the success of their debut, NU’EST resumed their winning trend with “HELLO.” This lyrical gem demonstrated the group’s flexibility and established them as a K-pop industry powerhouse to be dealt with. Fans couldn’t get enough of the catchy chorus and emotional lyrics, generating a social media frenzy.

3) “OVERCOME” (2016)

Song Review: Nu'est – Overcome | The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion
NU’EST returned victorious in 2016 with the release of “OVERCOME.” Fans and non-fans alike were attracted by the song’s dramatic composition and visually appealing music video. The internet was abuzz with talk about NU’EST’s rise and the song’s capacity to connect with fans on a deep level.

4) “LOVE PAINT” (2016)

Song Review: Nu'est – Love Paint (Every Afternoon) | The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion
The seductive and soulful “LOVE PAINT” revealed another side of NU’EST, demonstrating their adaptability across musical genres. The song’s dreamy atmosphere and beautiful lyrics sparked outrage online, with fans appreciating NU’EST’s artistic growth and maturity.

5) “WHERE YOU AT” (2017)

Nu'Est W Revitalize Career With New EP, Lead Single 'Where You At' | Billboard – Billboard
NU’EST broke new ground with “WHERE YOU AT,” a strong hit that not only dominated music charts but also ignited a social media craze. The song’s dramatic music and emotionally charged lyrics struck a chord with listeners, giving NU’EST widespread acclaim and establishing their place as K-pop trendsetters.

6) “BET BET” (2019)

Song Review: Nu'est – Bet Bet | The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion
NU’EST proudly returned in 2019 with “BET BET,” a vibrant and visually spectacular music video that swept the internet. The elaborate composition of the song, together with the group’s faultless performances, drew a lot of attention online, demonstrating NU’EST’s unwavering appeal.

7) “I’m in Trouble” (2020)

Song Review: Nu'est – I'm In Trouble | The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion
Our collection concludes with the addicting and jazzy “I’m in Trouble.” The song, which was released in 2020, became an instant hit, topping music charts and trending on different online platforms. NU’EST’s magnetic charisma and the song’s seductive charm cemented the group’s spot as one of its most memorable releases, leaving fans eagerly expecting their next steps.