From “Cheer Up” to “Fancy” , here’s a list of Twice’s top 7 chart-topping hits that dominated global music charts

In the ever-changing world of K-pop, one group has managed to carve out a particular place in the hearts of millions of people all over the world – twice. Twice has become a global phenomenon thanks to its contagious energy, breathtaking visuals, and powerful voices. Aside from their mesmerizing performances, the group has continuously generated chart-topping tunes that have connected with fans worldwide.

This article will take you on a rhythmic journey through Twice’s top 7 chart-topping tunes, which have not only dominated the Korean music market but have also left an unforgettable impression on foreign music charts.


1) “Cheer Up” (2016)
TWICE's “Cheer Up” Is Gaon's No. 1 Streamed Song In 2016 | Soompi
Twice made an impression on the K-pop world with their breakout single “Cheer Up.” The catchy chorus and the classic “shy shy shy” dance motion launched the group to popularity, winning them their first-ever music show victories and laying the groundwork for their future chart-topping success.

2) “TT” (2016)
Twice: TT (2016)
Following the success of “Cheer Up,” Twice extended their winning streak with “TT.” The Halloween-themed music video and irresistible chorus of “TT” made the group a worldwide sensation, earning them multiple prizes and establishing their position as one of K-pop’s leading acts.

3) “Likey” (2017)
Twice: Likey (Music Video 2017) - IMDb
Twice maintained their chart supremacy in 2017 with “Likey.” The song’s infectious melodies and accessible lyrics struck a chord with listeners of all ages, propelling it to the top of music charts not just in South Korea, but also in countries all over the world.

4) “Heart Shaker” (2017)

TWICE's New Song 'Heart Shaker': Watch the Video | Billboard – Billboard
Twice surprised fans at the end of the year with “Heart Shaker.” The beautiful and fun song captured the essence of love throughout the holiday season, bringing the group another chart-topping hit and demonstrating their flexibility as performers.

5) “What is Love?” (2018)

TWICE's 'What Is Love?' breaks previous record for a girl group MV to reach 20 million views in fastest time! | allkpop
Twice released “What is Love?” in 2018, which examined the concept of love in numerous forms. The song’s infectious melody and endearing premise endeared it to fans worldwide, propelling it to the top of both local and international music charts.

6) “Dance the Night Away” (2018)
Twice - Dance The Night Away HD Photo Teasers - K-Pop Database /
Summer anthems are a K-pop staple, and Twice delivered one with “Dance the Night Away.” The song’s happy and tropical atmosphere made it a go-to single for summer playlists all around the world, ensuring its place as one of Twice’s best chart-toppers.

7) “Fancy” (2019)
Twice: Fancy (2019)

Twice embraced a more mature and improved sound with “Fancy” as the band continued to evolve. Twice’s ability to reinvent themselves while preserving their characteristic charm was demonstrated by the song’s professional production, dynamic choreography, and visually spectacular music video, which took it to the top of global charts.