BTS SUGA pulled off his first ever solo concert in a magnificent way

BTS member, SUGA has performed his first ever solo concert, D-DAY in USA on 27th April, 2023. As perfection is a part of SUGA, the thing didn’t go unnoticed. Every stage execution claims appreciation and praise. On 14th February, SUGA shared an update about his upcoming tour on his Instagram handle. The tour will cover places like Belmont Park, Newark, Rosemont, Los Angeles, Oakland, Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul and Japan.

Today was the first day of the tour which took place in Belmont Park, UBS Arena. During the concert SUGA was seen enjoying every moment with the ARMYs and so do the ARMYs. During the show SUGA was seen performing many of his tracks which includes his recent release Haegeum, Daechwita, Agust D, Give it to me, Seesaw (Acoustic), People, People Pt.2, Burn It, SDL, Moonlight, Interlude: Shadow, BTS Cypher Pt.3, BTS Cypher 4, UGH!, e.a (Ddaeng), HUH?!, Life Goes On, Snooze, Polar Night, AMYGDALA, D-DAY, Intro: Never Mind and last but not the least The Last.

Some videos from concert gona viral which has taken internet by storm. One more special attraction of the event was SUGA’s guitar where some messages from the BTS members were written on it. SUGA’s one and only hyung from Bts, Kim Seok-jin wrote, “Do well and come without getting hurt. I will watch it on TV” (with a smile emoji on side). J-hope on the hand wrote, “Yoongi hyung, I hope you end the tour with great succes ~Love u bruh.” Jimin’s message read as, “Little Jerry” whereas RM penned, “safe tour”. V wrote, “Hwaiting Yoongi”. The youngest of the group didn’t forget to tease his hyung, Jungkook wrote, “Yoongi Marry Me! Don’t get hurt! Hwaiting!”. The eagle eyes of the ARMYs were enough to catch this.

In short to sum it up it can be said that SUGA’s first solo concert was indeed successful as expected.