BTS: Jimin, V and Jungkook tops brand reputation rankings of October

As per the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, Singers Jimin, V and Jungkook have topped the Male K-pop Idol Brand Reputation Rankings for October 2021.

The BTS has once again achieved a great milestone in showing the fandom among the ARMY.

According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, Singer and songwriter Jimin, V and Jungkook have topped the Male K-pop Idol Brand Reputation Rankings for October 2021.


The institute has analyzed the data in prospects of media activity, consumer participation, community activity and communication.According to sources, Jimin has topped the list for the 33rd consecutive month with a brand reputation index of 7,654,771. Also, followed by V scored 5,663,845 points in the index. The third spot was bagged, by Jungkook aka Golden Maknae, who scored 5,473,457 points.

While the charismatic Jimin has won everyone’s hearts. With his amazing singing, dancing and songwriting skills. There is also a big aspect of the handsome hunk which makes him apart from all other Bangtan Boys. The unique thing about him is that he had the shortest trainee period among the other BTS members where the others were trained for several months to polish their skills like singing and dancing. Jimin had a training period for a year.

When talking to Rolling Stone, Jimin said, “When I debuted, I had the shortest period of training. And I feel that I wasn’t fully ready and confident when we debuted. I still have my shortcomings.” He added, “I’m always moved by the fans who dedicate themselves — their time, their emotions, everything about themselves — to appreciating what I do and loving what I do.”

Quite recently it was said, Jungkook spoke about his next song after Permission To Dance.He said, “The reason we have released the songs and album up to this point is that they were thoughts, emotional states or trends about us at that time, so it was just that. All those songs were born in line with that generation.” Elaborating his answer, he added, “Just like we did then, what we can talk about now. What we should talk about now, as we contemplate these things and talk amongst ourselves, perhaps naturally, a good song or a wonderful song will come out.”