Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar faces heavy criticism after insulting Khanzaadi; fans tag him as ‘hypocrite’

Netizens are bashing Abhishek for pouncing on Khanzaadi and going below-the-belt in the pretext of task.

Abhishek Kumar is facing significant backlash for using derogatory remarks against Khanzaadi (Firoza Khan) in the latest Bigg Boss 17 episode. Netizens pointed out the apparent contradiction as Abhishek had approached Khanzaadi just a day earlier, and they were caught on camera spending intimate moments. The sudden shift to insulting her in front of everyone, leaving her teary-eyed, has garnered criticism, with viewers expressing their disapproval of Abhishek’s behaviour.

Fans have now flooded in favour of Khanzaadi and bashed Abhishek for pouncing on her with such bad words. Khanzaadi’s supporter are tweeting in support of her with one user saying, “This is bad, Abhishek Kumar you were doing well the last few days and then suddenly you yourself go and jump in dump by saying such nonsense about a female contestant you used to adore on the show? Not cool.” Other wrote, “In today’s episode Abhishek Kumar is completely wrong. You can’t flirt one day and insult her the next day. KhanZaadi didn’t come to your bed, you went to hers. She didn’t show love, you were showing love towards her. Today you behave like a hypocrite.”


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Khanzaadi’s tears after Abhishek Kumar’s derogatory remarks led to Ankita Lokhande stepping in to console and calm her down. Fans expressed strong disappointment with Abhishek, criticizing his behavior as ungentlemanly.

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